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Building Works Update

Major repair work has taken place over the past 30 years concentrating on the different roofs of the main building. 

The annexe, a smaller building to the side of the synagogue, is a room with a multitude of functions and, now that we're back open, it's vital that our one additional space is in full working order.

It has remained largely untouched in the hope that funding would be available to extend it.


However, matters came to a head when the annexe roof started leaking in Autumn 2020 and repair work started in January 2021. Rotten timbers were replaced and the roof re-felted.


Phase 2 dealt with the inside of the annexe.  It proved to be a model example of ‘what can go wrong, will go wrong’.  As well as finding more problems with rising and penetrating damp, covid meant there were material shortages and tradesmen off ill. Half way through work stopped whilst essential electrical work took place.  When the refurbishment restarted and the plastering was complete the boiler broke necessitating a further delay before the interior was dry enough to be painted.


The work is now nearing completion with the kitchen/office next to the annexe being refurbished.  Once this is done the annexe floor will be sanded and polished and all will look beautiful again, hopefully before Christmas but sadly not before Chanukah.


The building is close to 150 years old and the refurbishment of the annexe has revealed a lot more work that needs to be done next year to keep it in good condition.

The synagogue, like many old buildings, remains in constant need of renovation of we are always looking for funding to assist us in our efforts.

We are a registered charity and appreciate every penny we receive.

If you would like to support us with a donation, you can do so by clicking on our DONATION page. 

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