Some Recent Events


We regularly open our doors to the public as a venue for concerts and events. Our beautiful building lends itself to large audiences and the perfect acoustics carry almost any performance without amplification. Contact the synagogue office to hire the building.


During the Coronavirus Pandemic Klezmer-ish recorded their Lockdown Songbook in the synagogue.

This was released online and the tracks can be enjoyed under the 'Lockdown Songbook' tab on this site.

Over the last few years, Princes Road has established itself as a popular concert venue. Below are the details of some of our recent events, and an archive of older events can be found here.

After Keith's successful October 2021 concert this space won't be empty for long.

Two more events in November 2021

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(18 November 2017)

We were excited to host the opening concert of the LMO's 2017/18 season. The programme of Mozart, Handel, Weber and Woolfenden delighted the audience and filled every part of the synagogue.

A gallery of photos from the event can be found here

©Alan Humphreys

KLEZMER-ISH IN CONCERT (19 February 2017)

Around 350 people were enthralled by the musicianship and performance of Klezmer-ish. Every style of music (klezmer, tango and gypsy jazz) was met with rapturous applause and the band definitely left their audience wanting more at the end of the night.

A gallery of photos from the event can be found here

©Alan Humphreys
PERRI & NEIL IN CONCERT (14 February 2016)
Virtuoso guitarist Neil Campbell was joined by soulful singer-songwriter Perri Alleyne-Hughes for a wonderfully varied Valentine's Day concert. The audience were treated to original compositions as well as covers of Jewish composers from the American and British Popular Songbooks.
FACING FAITH (6 December 2015)
Recreating a religious debate originally aired on ITV entitled 'Losing It', BBC Radio Merseyside's Roger Philips chaired a fascinating and lively discussion between LOHC's Rabbi Ariel Abel and renowned psychologist Prof. David Canter. The discussion was preceeded by a showing of the original ITV show and followed by an audience Q&A session.


(29 June 2014)


The Bentley provided a great summer afternoon of music to round off a very successful season of performances. Most were Gilbert & Sullivan classics so of course there was much laughter to be had along the way.


In memory of Rev. Solomon Greenstein

Well over 100 people were captivated by the professional standard of this young piano trio from Israel, as they tackled pieces by Beethoven, Shostakovich and Lewandowski. Chazan Isdale, too, held the audience's attention with a selection of mainly Spanish and Portuguese pieces, interspersed with jokes and anecdotes.