Our friends at Klezmer-ish have launched a new online concert series called 'The Lockdown Songbook' to help us, and them, through these difficult times.


It was recorded in our beautiful shul in January 2021

They plan to release a new track each month; with additional  videos about the Group and its members, together with background about the Synagogue, before each new track.

Enjoy the tracks below.

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Episode 10   Track 4    Caravan


For this month's offering from the Lockdown Songbook we take a break from our Princes Road sessions and instead look back to a tune we recorded in the height of lockdown last summer, but never released: Duke Ellington's "Caravan" (or as we've affectionately come to call it, "Campervan"...!)

According to Wikipedia there have been over 350 versions of this tune recorded...we hope there's space for one more, with our interpretation which fuses our love for klezmer and gypsy jazz.

Filmed around Merseyside and Cardiff, you may spot some familiar locations as we walk you through our local areas!

And if you're enjoying listening to this track, why not come to see us play it live at one of our summer '21 gigs? At

Peggy's Skylight, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic,

Wirral Chamber Music Festival

Music arrangement and video editing by Thomas Verity

Sound editing and mastering by Rob Shepley

Episode 9

Background 6  Synagogue (3)

Anyone who has been lucky enough to visit Princes Road Synagogue, Liverpool, will agree that the prayer hall is simply stunning.

This video takes us through some of the main features of this Grade 1 listed space.

Episode 8

Background 5. Behind the Scenes: An Interview with Klezmer-ish

Come behind the scenes with us at the film sessions for the Lockdown Songbook!

Filmed during our tea breaks at our recording sessions at Princes Road Synagogue in January, Klezmer-ish talk about the direction the band has taken over this last year and the genesis of the Lockdown Songbook, as well as plans for a return to live performance...fingers crossed!

Episode 7 

Track 3


Episode 6

Background 4


Episode 5    Background 3

Whilst we continue to wait out the days until we can perform for you live again, we thought we would give you a little insight into our day-to-day lives during this strangest of times. First up, Klezmer-ish's multi-talented accordionist and violinist, Connie.

Find out what makes her tick outside of music, how she's found the experience of lockdown, and get a taster of March's episode of the Lockdown Songbook, Kurdish lament "Elqajîye".

Episode 4

 Track 2

Eva's Lament   

Episode 3      Background (2)

A little something to whet your appetite for our next tune, "Eva's Lament"

This piece actually started life as part of the soundtrack for "Sideshow" - a black comedy by Adam Oldroyd starring

Les Dennis and Anthony Head - which features Klezmer-ish's own Tom Verity on bass clarinet..

Tom was lucky enough to attend the online "premiere" of this wonderful quirky film.

He highly recommends you keep your eyes out for it when it is released in cinemas!


Composer Michael Csanyi-Wills kindly arranged this haunting waltz for our group, and talks a bit about the project in this video:

Episode 2

Background (1)

Episode 1 

Track 1

Nifty's Freilach




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