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Our synagogue building and our finances have been sustained by the generosity of past benefactors and members, and the careful management of officers, members and professional advisers.


Now, the maintenance of a building dating from 1874 provides ongoing demands and challenges. Substantial roof work is still being undertaken with the financial help of English Heritage. This is part of an ongoing remedial programme which we are keen to ensure progresses speedily. Our responsibilities in maintaining the building, both inside and out, have been underlined by its promotion from Grade II* to Grade I listed status.

Our members cannot at the same time forget many other significant communal calls which demand synagogue time and funds. There are aged members to assist, children to educate in Jewish practice, and our private cemeteries to be maintained.


If you or any charity with which you are associated might be able to help us, we would be able to discuss the possibilities. A visit could be arranged and, as appropriate, details of our published accounts and building work programme provided.


If you can contribute in any way to our appeal, please visit our 'Donate' page or click here. Photos of damage and repair work can be seen below.


Jeremy Myers

Damage around one of our beautiful rose windows



Whilst much of our communal life comprises spiritual, educational and social development, we have to remain rooted in sound finance and administration, the only realistic bases for our work.


We were fortunate in February 2017 to have our application to the Roof Repair Fund be successful, and to receive from them a substantial grant towards much-needed work. This enabled us to carry out work on the north elevation of the building.

This project took around four months to complete and was undertaken by our contractors, Mather & Ellis.

The images below will give you some idea of the stone work & wood replacement in dealing with water ingress & dry rot.

The age of the building, and ongoing issues with the roof, mean that we are continually on the lookout for problems and a maintenance programme is also in place.

Further images of work carried out can be found on display in the foyer of the synagogue along with descriptions of effected areas.

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