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Help us find our missing minarets
Mar 13 2008 by Catherine Jones, Liverpool Echo


THE public are being asked for help to track down missing minarets from the top of Liverpool’s most historic synagogue.

Princes Road Synagogue was this month given Grade I Listed status making it one of the most important historical buildings in the country.

It was also handed a £112,000 heritage grant to help carry out urgent repairs to the roof.

But now synagogue leaders are hoping someone may be able to solve the mystery of the missing minarets which used to be on top of the building.

Rabbi Zvi Solomons said: “We have 80ft towers on the synagogue and there used to be six minarets which added another 20ft on to them.

“They were taken down in 1960 because of structural problems.

“And we suspect they may have been put in the back garden of one of the synagogue’s wardens, but there’s no record of their location.

“I’d love to find them again.

“But if we can’t, I’m looking to see if we can find a way to replace them, possibly in fibreglass with a steel frame.”

Princes Road Synagogue was built between 1872-74.

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