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Recordings, covering music sung on both Shabbat mornings and the festivals, were made of the synagogue choir in 1993 and 1995. Although these were only ever intended to be archive recordings, they have proved to be very popular amongst all who have heard them and provide a wonderful history of the music and choristers of Liverpool Old Hebrew Congregation. Below is a small selection of pieces from those recordings.

Psalm 24. This particular setting of the psalm has unfotunately fallen from our repertoire but remains a favourite amongst those who have sung it. It was composed by Louis Lewandowski (1821-94).

Hear, O Israel & Yours, O Lord is the greatness. Again, sung by our choir during the festivals. This piece was composed by Abraham Saqui (1824-93).

It is a tree of life. This is sung throughout the year along with several other compositions of this set of words. This version was composed by Chaim Wasserzug (1822-82).

May it be Your Will. This piece is sung at the end of each month in anticipation of the New Moon and the start of the new month and was composed by Salaman Alman (1877-1947).

There is none like our G-d. This comes very close to the end of the service and appears in every Sabbath and festival service throughout the Jewish year. This particular version, sung by our choir on festivals, was composed by Julius Lazarus Mombach (1813-1880).

Sanctification. The Kedusha is an integral part of every service and has been set to music by many composers. This version blends compositions by Abraham Dunajewski (1843-1911) and Samuel Naumbourg (1817-80).

You remember. This is sung during the New Year service and this particularly beautiful setting of the words was composed specifically for our choir by Chonon Lewis.

Included on the final 1990s tapes were some much older recordings of our choir from 1947 and 1948. Below is just one such gem taken from a wedding service in 1948. Some members of the choir who sung at this wedding still sing with us today.

Seven Blessings. Sung during the Jewish wedding service. This is a rare recording of the Seven Blessings (Sheva Barachot) being sung by the world famous Rev Herman Bornstein in 1948, accompanied by our choir.

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