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Deane Road Cemetery

8 Deane Road
L7 0ET

Deane Road Cemetery is the oldest surviving Jewish cemetery in Liverpool, having been opened in 1837 and closed for regular burials in 1904, when it was succeeded by Broad Green. The last reserved plot at Deane Road was filled in 1929.

Many of the Victorians buried at Deane Road were instrumental in the rise of Liverpool as the second city of the British Empire and the most prominent Jewish community in Britain outside London.

Unfortunately, the twentieth century saw the cemetery fall into disrepair and it became infamous locally for its dereliction. There were several failed attempts to restore the cemetery to a respectful state in one guise or another, but only in the last few years had plans been put in place for its restoration and long-term maintenance as a cemetery.

After more than five years hard graft, under the auspices of a committee largely comprising local urban regeneration staff, city councillors and volunteers, the cemetery has now been gloriously restored and proudly re-consecrated. Work at the cemetery is ongoing and tours of the cemetery are available on request. 


Saul Marks

A video was made in 2009 during the

ongoing renovation of the cemetery.

Unmute and play:-

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