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LOHC holds weekly services on Shabbat mornings as well as on Festivals and High Holy Days.

Services are held according to the Ashkenazi rite and follow the Singer's/Sacks siddur and the Routledge machzor.

Our services are enhanced by our mixed choir, the only one of its kind remaining in an Orthodox synagogue in Britain.  The choir is testament to our synagogue’s place in Jewish liturgy, comprising the cream of Victorian synagogue music, composed by such illustrious names as Sulzer, Lewandowski, Mombach, Naumbourg and our very own Abraham Saqui.

According to Orthodox custom, men and women sit separately. Services are conducted with the dignity and ceremony befitting the synagogue’s history.

Times of Services

Shabbat mornings start 9:45am
Festival mornings start 9:30am

Reading of the Torah 10.30am

Services finish between 12 and 12.15pm and are followed by kiddush.

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